A Little Beside You

“You make me feel safe, Bender Cole, when you absolutely shouldn’t.”

Thanks to her father’s legacy—and her rose tattoo that symbolizes it—Cori Kasmer has never had to fear the gangs that run rampant in the city, even years after her father’s death. And she’s always stayed away from that life, until Bender Cole passes out on her doorstep.

Between making her laugh in a way she forgot how and the banter he shares with her sister when he comes for waffles each morning, Cori lets herself get caught up in the normalcy he brings back into her life. She shouldn’t feel safe with him, shouldn’t want him to kiss her, and yet…

Bender only got mixed up with the gangs to keep a roof over his family’s head. But now he’s in too deep. As an enforcer for the Bears, he’s got blood on his hands and he knows as long as he continues as he is, those hands don’t also get to hold a girl like Cori. And no one leaves the Bears. Not alive, anyway.

A Snow White Rose Red Retelling set in the Evraft Galaxy. 

What Readers Are Saying

All and all a lovely story! I think this is one of Jenni’s best yet!

Anna- Beta Reader

Overall, this was a book that I would definitely recommend to people, especially if you’ve read and enjoyed Rook di Goo and Yesterday or Long Ago and were left wanting more from the characters and the world!

Claire- Early Reader

There’s something about this book that goes beyond just compelling characters and solid plot pacing and all those technical things that are necessary for a great book. There’s a real maturity and robustness in the themes of this novel, and the main characters are really endearing to me—and were from the first few pages.

Meredith- Beta Reader

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