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Every writer’s problems are as unique as their story…

…let me help you find individual, creative solutions, tailored to you and your story. Check out my services and then book an appointment below!

I’m Jenni Sauer

I’m a published author of books including Rook Di Goo, a science-fantasy retelling of Cinderella. I’ve been writing for over thirteen years- half my life- and have found the only thing I love more than bringing my own stories into being is helping other authors achieve that end.

I’ve been studying stories for as long as I can remember- through taking courses, attending workshops, devouring writing craft books, and breaking apart every book, movie, tv episode, commercial, song, or everything else that even remotely resembles a story.

I taught writing and literature analysis for five years. I’ve also helped authors in the writing community through critiques, edits, beta reading, and brainstorming, among other things. I also host weekly lives over on my Instagram (@ivorypalaceprincess) and am the author of several writing workbooks.

How Can I Help?

Have Something to Develop?

Be it a story idea, a series, a character, a world, or something else entirely, I can talk it through with you to help you create something engaging, dynamic, and multi-faceted that readers will love.

Struggling With Your Brand or Ideal Reader?

We’ll talk through your vision for your social media, your readership, and you, until you have a brand and/or ideal reader you’re confident in.

Need to Process?

Just need someone to talk to? I’ll listen to your ideas, ask questions to get you thinking, and provide resources if needed.

Need Help Making a Writing Plan?

Having trouble creating a writing routine and sticking to it? I’ll help you create a plan tailored to your schedule. We’ll also discuss tips and tricks to encourage you to maintain your routine.

Stuck on Your Book and Not Sure Why?

Let’s talk! We’ll discuss your vision for the story and how you can move forward. I’ll ask questions so we can get to the heart of the problem and brainstorm solutions.

Need Something Not on the List?

Not seeing your problem here but think “I bet Jenni could help me with that!”? Contact me and we’ll chat about whether or not there’s anything I can do.

How It Works:

  1. Click on the “Book an Appointment” button below
  2. Fill out the form and let me know all about your story and your problem (as much as you can, don’t stress too much- I just need some idea whether we’re building a fantasy world or developing a contemporary character)
  3. We’ll schedule a call and make all your writing dreams come true!

What’s Included in a Call?

  1. A one hour video call (additional calls can be scheduled if needed, at a discount from the price of the first, because I’ll be familiar with your story at that point).
  2. A Word or Google Doc (whichever you prefer) that highlights what we discussed so you have my thoughts to refer back to.
  3. Any additional resources I think might be helpful for your problem (this can include paid courses, free worksheets, paid workbooks, blog posts, etc. depending on the problem and what I think will suit you best. I will always try my best to provide you with at least one free solution if possible).


For a 1 hour call:

For everything listed above under “What’s included in a call” [pricing]

Any additional calls after that will be [pricing]

1 hour call + reading ahead of time:

Really stuck? I’ll read what you have written so far and see what I think is working and what isn’t and we’ll brainstorm solutions and how you can move forward.

To compensate me for the time reading the price will be the price of the call ([price]) and an additional [price per 1k words]

Let’s find your unique solution together!

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