Wait Until Tomorrow

Rapunzel and The Steadfast Tin Soldier reimagined as a sweet romance…
Rue has never been happy with her life as a dancer at the Golden Tower. Using her quick fingers to relieve as many customers as she can of their extra cash, she’s slowly building herself a way out. So when Robbie walks into her life, it’s outside of the plan. Rue welcomes their afternoon chats but knows it could never lead to anything more- a dancer in a public house doesn’t end up with an Inspector of the Guards.

But when the bouncer at the Golden Tower takes an unwanted interest in Rue and she’s forced to flee, the question that remains is just how far Robbie is willing to go to rescue her. How much is he willing to sacrifice for the girl who claims it could never work between them? And is Rue willing to allow him to make that sacrifice for her? 

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